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Reverse engineering a simple game archive

Sometimes I like to poke around in the files of the games I bought on Steam, just for fun or maybe to listen to the game music. Most game engines put the game files in their own proprietary archive files, so I started to reverse engineer those formats, at least to the point where I could extract the files. Some game archive file formats proved to be so simple that I was able to easily write the archives, too. So I thought I write down how I did it, maybe someone else finds this useful?The main tools I use are a hex editor (bless) and Python.Short detour: I'm not 100% satisfied with bless, though. Let me show you what I mean: I would like those fields in the status bar to be text fields that I can edit, making it easy to select a certain area of the file when I know the size in bytes. If anyone knows a (Linux) hex editor that does that let me know!But what I do like about bless is that it displays the bytes at the cursor in all possible number formats and it's dynamically resiza…