Add Browser Ponies to your Blog

Because I was asked how to add Browser Ponies (a Desktop Ponies implementation in JavaScript I wrote a while ago) to your blogger blog I thought I write a howto here.

For adding Browser Ponies to your tumblr see here. And here is a video showing how to make a Browser Ponies bookmarklet.

First got to and scroll down to the list of ponies. If you don't want to use the Mane Six click on "Set all Ponies to 0".

Then choose the ponies you want.

Then scroll back up to where it says "Or paste this into your webpage:" and copy the contents of the text box.

Then sign in to your blogger account and click "Design" on your blog.

(In case "Template" is not already selected click it.)

Then click "Edit HTML".

Then click "Proceed".

Then paste the embed code somewhere after "<head>" like shown in the image and click "Save Template".

And Ta-Ta, you've got ponies on your blog.


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